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For all she had learned in both her lives about the signs and symptoms, in the end it was-- of course-- the most worrying of signs that revealed the truth.

The first dizzy spell hit after a day of riding and going out to visit some of the nearby towns, as she was wont to do. It's been busy, and she'd neglected to bring a waterskin for the ride back. So, when the wooziness hits as she gets off her horse and she finds herself needing to support herself on a now very concerned-looking stable boy, she brushes it off to him and her guard as dehydration. It's a perfectly acceptable reason, one with past basis, so they all part ways perhaps a little shaken but largely comforted.

The second hits three days after that, when she's gets up too quickly off the ground after an early-morning bout of nausea drives her to the bathroom. It nearly gives Caspian a heart attack, but she tells him it must be some kind of bug-- she has been feeling a little off, lately-- and promises she'll take care.

Two more queasy and vertigo-filled days, and then she passes out while hurrying to a meeting with some Lord or another. The healer tells her with a tsk of her tongue when she awakens that it was likely due to the quickened pace and heat, and really, Her Majesty ought to know better than to expose herself to either when in her 'condition.'

That, of course, leads to Susan asking what exactly her 'condition' is, which has the healer beaming as gleefully as a Cat can and informing her that she was carrying the heir to the Narnian throne. She nearly passes out again at the news, recovers herself, and is asked by the healer if she wants her to tell the King when he gets back from his ride out to Littlehollow.

"No," Susan says, shutting her eyes and rubbing her temples unconsciously, "Don't tell His Majesty. I want to break the news myself."

Naturally, Aslan would will it that Caspian walk into the room-- early returning from his ride, but likely word travelled that she'd collapsed and he'd rushed back-- just as she speaks the words.

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"Tell me what?"

It's not that he doesn't believe Susan to be strong. He knows, in fact, for having fought by her side, exactly what strength she has within her. It's not that he doesn't trust every living soul in the Cair to look after her. He knows, for a fact, that they all adore the returned Queen with a deep devotion.

It's not that he thinks she needs him to hold her hand. He just knows that he needs to be there when she isn't well.

And that means, of course, that he's asked to be kept aware of the Queen's status. Of course he cuts his trip short--with the full understanding of everyone involed--when he hears of Susan's collapse. He's breathless, mussed, just a little wild in the eyes as he enters the room, moves instantly to his wife's side.

"What news?"

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He trusts her. He adores her. He knows her well enough to trust when she squeezes his hand like this.

But he also knows she softens things. He knows she protects in a very gentle way. His grip on her fingers is rather tight as he settles onto the edge of the bed with a slight nod to the departing healer.

"You fainted. Again. And-- you're here." Bed, clearly, being a very dangerous place to be. "Please, Susan-- what's wrong?"

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He's trying to be calm. He's trying not to worry overly much while she tells him to be calm. He's doing his best to focus on her words, on drawing out any hints as she continues to soothe rather than explain.

Until, well. Until she does.

His heart stops. His breath stops. He can only gape at her for a moment before life comes rushing back to him. Stammering doesn't begin to cover it.

"We're-- S-Susan, you're-- you're really--?"

Figured. o/

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He'll smile in a moment. He'll be able to form words properly in a moment. It's just that at first he needs to simply stare at her face. To hold her hand tight and breathe as deeply as he can to prevent himself collapsing fully.

The Queen of Narnia is pregnant. Susan is pregnant. Susan is pregnant with his child--their child.

"You're..." His voice sounds completely uncertain as he tries to properly speak again. "'re... really certain, Susan...?"

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The next breath manages to be something of a laugh. The next movement manages to be leaning forward, pressing his forehead hard to hers.

"We're... we're going to... have a child."

And that's something which, now it's settling in, makes him smile more brightly than he usually manages, even with her in his life.

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"No," he admits, still pressed close, murmuring soft against her lips. "I can't. But-- that's wonderful."

Because they would do this together. They would love this child with the strengths of both their hearts, and that would be a very good beginning.

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They had both lost their parents far too young, it was true, but that hardly meant they hadn't had wonderful examples of how to care and love and protect. They were hardly the parents of their kingdom, but that hardly meant ruling together hadn't been some form of practice.

"We will. Soon."

And that set him laughing again, nervous and overwhelmed with joy.

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"In a moment," he murmurs contentedly against her lips, arms pulled tight as they can around her. It will be different, soon. There will be a proper swell of a child growing inside her.

The thought has him clinging, completely unable to move.

"This will... absolutely set the nation on fire, you know."

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It will be well-intentioned. It will be born out of affection for the young monarchs. It nevertheless brings an exasperated sigh to Caspian's lips, along with a smile.

"Will you promise to rest anyway? And take extra care of yourself?"

And let the King of Narnia spend a bit more time doting on her?

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The kiss is reassuring. The smile she's still got is reassuring. The knowledge that this is real is terrifying and wonderful on top of all of it.

"This... this is wonderful, Susan."

there needs to be more happy like this okay /o\

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One more kiss. One more murmur of how much he loves her against her lips. One more deep breath so that he can face the world--their kingdom--again properly without giving them away.

He's not certain he'll be able to do anything but beam brightly for the next nine months.


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