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 All of Narnia is home. More than England ever will be, more than England ever can be. Even after a thousand years, Susan still can't help but love the land; feel entirely like she's where she belongs.

It's just that some parts of Narnia feel more at home than others, and this place in particular is one that always felt the most like it.

She's always looked upon it with wonder, and it's not something that changes now, the words escaping her lips in a soft, somewhat-awed breath.

"Cair Paravel."
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It's one of the first projects he wants to enact. Not just because Susan is here--although she is certainly a firm reminder of what they're hearkening back to as designs are drafted and small models erected. It's more than just a desire to move away from the hard memories of the Castle of Caspian.

It's going to be a new start. A new king at an old seat of power. A fresh dynasty in an ancestral home.

That doesn't mean it isn't still that much more wonderful to see the re-construction site with her eyes. He can't help the slight smile as he leans forward on his horse. "The foundations, anyway."

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It doesn't matter at all that she's not looking at him. He can see the smile. He can feel the entire world lighting up from the immensity of her joy.

"And it's what you wanted?"

The plans she's seen on the foundations before them were sufficient? The rebuilt Cair would be what she had remembered in her dreams?

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He's not certain it can be. He's not certain there's anything in the world they can make that isn't somewhat imperfect--as it should be.

But it's easy to believe when she's smiling like this. "I hope it stands up to the foundations, then."

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"We will." And it's important to lean slightly to reach for her hand. It's also incredibly kind of Destrier to shift closer without prompting. "You'll see."

And they'd do it by weaving her memories with his knowledge. It felt right to build Narnia again that way.
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And it's impossible not to smile at her when she's beaming at him like this. It's not in his nature not to light up right back.

"...come work with me."

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Neither of them are well-trained at the construction of castles, it's true. But both of them are eager to learn, eager to be used by their people. Both of them are well-beloved and well-respected in their efforts.

Hopefully she won't mind him stealing a kiss when they dismount. It's so hard not to want to solidify her smiles with at least a stolen brief moment.
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All of Narnia is home. It's taken time to come properly to that realization. There had been something surprisingly difficult about actually leaving the Castle of Caspian behind, when the time had come. There had been something odd about beginning to really see the Cair rise from the ruins he knew to something he had only heard his wife and her siblings speak of with longing fondness. The whole process has underlined what's been true all along, of course; what had made him the Telmarine capable and desirous of saving Narnia. The entire kingdom is home. There isn't an inch of it that isn't worth fighting for with every last breath.

But it's impossible, now that they're seeing it completed, not to understand that Cair Paravel is also simply a special place. It's more than just a beautiful castle built up in a stunning location. It's more than just a symbol of the Old Narnia being pulled back up sidelong with the new, modern Narnia they lived in.

It simply had a look about it that made a person realize he or she had finally come home.

"It's-- perfect."

As she had promised, long ago, it would be. As they had both assured each other while building it--building the castle itself, while he was also building ships and she was also building bridges. As was so infinitely clear standing here today.


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Home is where the heart of their kingdom is. Home is where he can sit on a legitimate throne or ride forth with the blessing of the Lion and the nation.

But home is also where she is. It takes a second to properly feel her arm moving around him, but when he does, it gets him beaming down at her with bright, adoring attention.

"We... are, aren't we. Really, this time."
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And how lucky to have a home in her arms as well as a home at Narnia's ancestral throne. How wonderful to press his forehead to hers and know his heart had found a place to rest.

One hand shifts briefly to smooth back a few strands of her hair before he looks up at the towers again.

"Is it... very like what you remember, then?"
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There's a confused sort of huff for that, his cheek settling more comfortably against the top of her head.

"I did so little, Susan."

Which, he was coming to see, was actually a good deal of being a King. A lot more than expected came from simply finding the people to trust to bring forth the beauty in their own kingdom.

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Her faith is of a different quality than Lucy's had been. Her faith has always been exactly what he needed to stand a little taller--feel a little happier in his own skin.

It's natural, now, to duck and press a brief kiss to her lips. To hold her just a little closer a moment and feel her lips smiling against his.

"And you did more than enough, I'm certain."

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"Your best is thrice what many can dream of managing, my love."

And she absolutely can't deny that. It was part of the way she served the kingdom, after all; working tirelessly on in the face of everything which cropped up in their path.

"Come. You said you'd show me the passages they built into the walls."

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Of course she'll take his hand. And of course he'll squeeze hers back, drag it briefly up to his lips so he can press a firm kiss there as he follows.

"I can't-- imagine how exciting this is for you, Susan, but--"

But he's stunningly excited about it. He's more excited than he ever could have thought.

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"It is."

And he can't help laughing. He simply can't stop the sound from escaping. It's so wonderful, laughing without real reason.

"And it's-- silly, I know, because we-- even put some of these stones in ourselves, but..."

But it felt different, now. It felt as if the completion allowed him to see everything they'd planned and designed and even built with new eyes.

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Of course she understands. Of course she, as always, knows exactly what to say to make the pieces of himself fit together in unity.

There's another tight squeeze of her fingers as he nods. "It's really... ours, now. All of ours."

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"Can you-- think of anything more... completely perfect, Susan?"

Apart from the fact that he was sharing it with her. Apart from the knowledge that--someday--they might be blessed with a child to share it with as well.

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There's the tiniest bit of a hum for that. It would be better to have her brothers and sister here, it was true. It set like a shadow in his heart, but somehow didn't stop the perfect contentment from existing in his soul.

"Which-- tower is the best for watching the stars, then?"

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There's the tiniest bit of a flicker in his smile. He knows, after all, how dearly he misses the other three Pevensies. He can only imagine what it must be for her.

"It must be beautiful."

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There's reassurance in her voice, the squeeze of her fingers. There's an infinite wealth of strength they both draw from in her--and one growing in him for the times she needs a bit of a break from it.

"If you'd like."

He certainly would, after all.

"We'll have... worlds of time to."

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"There's honestly none I can think of, my love."

Nothing more perfect than spending this afternoon exploring the twists and turns of their new home. Nothing better than settling in tonight under the stars before slipping back down to the warmth of their bed.


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have i told you lately how much i love them and how cute their fluff is drea theY GIVE ME HAPPY FEELS IN MY SOUL WHEN THEY ARE NOT BREAKING MY HEART


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