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The King of Narnia is heading home from a battle when his daughter is brought into the world.

He had been so good about staying close to home, as his wife had gotten closer to the time when Rilian and Errian were to enter the world. And they had both believed that this trip away, this close to their third child's birth, would be a brief one. Neither of them had anticipated he would have gotten caught up in a battle with dark creatures that had crept their way into Narnia. Neither of them had thought he'd be forced to stay away for two weeks to ensure the danger had passed.

Neither of them had thought she was quite so close to the her due date that he was so entirely at risk of being able to be there for her as he had for their previous children.

But the world, apparently, had gone pear-shaped for this particular span of time. He's at least close enough that a fast-flying griffin is able to come to the front, tell the king the queen is giving birth and that things don't look good for her or the baby. He won't get there in time to welcome the child.

But he'll get there. And, when he undoubtedly bursts through the door, he'll be relieved to see that-- at least for the moment-- both Queen and babe are alive, if not quite entirely well yet.

Susan, sweat-slicked and paler than she's ever been, can barely force her eyes open to see who slammed the door wide with such force. Still somehow manages to call a smile to her face at the sight of him.

"Caspian. We-- we have a-- a daughter."

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There had been no question with Rilian. There had been very little debate with Errian. There had been a very careful sort conversation about this third pregnancy, and there had been a very gentle assurance from the Queen that they were in no danger of him breaking their pattern.

There was no question, of course, that he stay with his troops when the threat was realized. There was no question that he pull himself fully into role of King rather than husband and expectant father.

It didn't stop the anger, panic and dread when the news arrived. It didn't stop him, the moment he was able, from setting off almost entirely on his own to ride hard through day and night back to the Cair.

He should be quiet, he knows. He should be gentle when he returns to see his wife and their third child. He can't stop himself, battle-rough and heart battering itself, from throwing open the door and scrambling to close this last bit of distance to be at last at Susan's side again.


Other words are choked completely from his throat. He can't get anything else out around the need to clutch her hand tight and prove to himself that she's alive. She's breathing. Her heart is beating beneath her wrist while he held her hand and arm tight in his own.

She's alive. And they have a daughter.

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It's easy enough to allow the midwife to interrupt them. There's nothing in the world, now he's home again, so important as seeing his wife and children--all three of them--healthy and safe.

It's a blessing, at least, not to have to give up hold of Susan's hand.

Her smile is somewhat reassuring. It lets his own weak attempt be pulled into place.

"It should have been sooner."

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It had been easy to agree in the hypothetical. It had been easy to let it be true when he'd trusted he would never allow himself to fall back on the agreement.

His lips press firm against her fingers to bring himself back into the moment. She doesn't need him racking over the coals; she needs him here, properly home with her. With their growing family.

"Our borders are safe. Our people are secure." It's important she know that. "Narnia has no thoughts to cloud its minds beyond waiting to hear how its Queen fares, I promise you."

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He can't help the tension of his fingers. He can't help the need to shift closer, fingers smoothing with the faintest tremble to push back loose strands of her hair.

"Quickly. Please."

This ought to be a happy day. This ought to be a joyful celebration sweeping the kingdom, that the princes have a sister to join them.

"Promise you'll take it, Susan. Think-- Think of the kingdom." Where would it be without its Queen? "Think of our children."

Where would they be without their mother?

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"You shouldn't have had to be thinking alone, Susan."

He can't not press his lips firmly to her knuckles again. He can't not lift his other hand to smooth worriedly over her brow.

"You shouldn't have had to do this alone." And nothing could change that she had. Thank Aslan, at least, that there would be a solution to the further hurt. "But you'll be well again soon. You'll-- you'll hold our daughter."

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The shake in her voice--the lack of strength in her general--has his shoulder tense with nerves. She feels so far beyond his grasp, despite her hand being warm in his own.

Not warm enough. Not strong enough in its grip. Like something is trying to come between them and take her away from Narnia all over again.

"We will," he agrees gently. "Save your strength for it, Susan. Agnes will be back any moment, and you'll feel yourself again. I promise."

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His own devotion is murmured again and again against her hand, her cheek, her shoulder. It's beyond important to keep her closer to this side of the haze; and, just in case, to be certain she's beyond aware of the fact she's loved.

It's terrifying, seeing how close they come to losing her. It's got him still shaking even when her grip on his hand becomes more properly her familiar squeeze again.


He's got to interrupt the soft reassurance of his love. He's got to make certain she's really coming back to them.

"Susan, can you hear me?"

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"You are," he murmurs, his own smile managing to come more properly into place. "You're here. You're here with us."

Their entire little family. Their entire, growing family.

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There's carefulness in the way he presses a kiss to her temple. There's a lack of carefulness in the way his smile finally settles properly into place.

"You're here." It's important. "And I'm here." That's important as well. "And we have-- we have three children now, they tell me."

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"So it was. So-- so it is."

He shifts slightly closer, pulling an arm carefully around her shoulders to begin to ease her slightly more upright on the bed. It will be easier to hold their daughter if she's propped up properly onto pillows with her husband helping to keep her upright.

"The boys will be thrilled, you know."

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Hopefully, she won't mind her husband sticking close for the next few weeks. He's not sure he's going to be able to get much farther from her than this without extreme effort.

It's a blessing she's still here. It's a blessing, for all there was a struggle, that their child has come into the world.

"We'll name her after your sister, then?"

Date: 2014-10-24 12:20 am (UTC)
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"What daughter of yours--of ours, my love--shouldn't fit such a valiant name?"

He could say more. He could murmur sweeter things against her temple. He could wax poetic, in his own way, about how wonderful this would all be now.

But he's completely distracted by the midwife's return--and by the small bundle in the woman's arms.

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It's so important to have Susan hold their new little one. It's just also so important that he be allowed to hold Susan while she holds the child.

He presses a firm kiss against his wife's temple, an overwhelmed little laugh in his throat.

"She's perfect."

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"Just like her brothers before her."

She hadn't come as smoothly into the world. She hadn't been afforded the same easy peace as the boys had. But she had arrived. She had made it all the way to breathing and squirming sedately in her mother's arms.

They would remember the struggle, yes, but they needed to start solidifying fully the joy in the birth of their daughter.
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His hum is entirely thoughtful as he moves one hand, with infinite delicacy and nervous awareness of his own callouses, to delicately smooth at their daughter's cheek.

"She won't match the boys, then."

Which isn't a good or bad thing. It's just a thought.

And now it's saved here. Excellent. /o/

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"Probably true."

Which is wonderful. Rilian and Errian are far from identical as it is, of course; but there's something that feels very right about knowing their daughter will be her own particular self.

Like her aunt had been--and likely still is, no matter how far away. Like her mother is, here before them.

It's amazing, really, how little time it takes to become completely enamored of one's children. There's already nothing in the world which could induce him to stop holding Susan close and smoothing his fingers against their daughter's cheek. "Lucy it is, then."

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It isn't difficult to lean slightly and catch her lips briefly, properly with his own. It's a completely normal thing--when coming home, when holding their child for the first time, when letting go of the shadows of war. It's necessary now.

"Something softer, I think."

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"More Narnian?"

There's genuine hesitance in his entire being before he shifts just a hair, curling just a little closer.

"My-- My nanny's name was Ianthe." And, for such a crucial moment in his life, she had been the entire definition of 'Narnian' in his life. "And-- her niece was called Amaryllis. I always thought that was-- rather pretty."

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"Lucy Amaryllis," he echoes softly, a pleased little grin on his lips as his fingers drop gently to the little one's new tiny fingers. "It suits her."

A strong, beautiful name for a strong, beautiful new child in the world.

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Of course his fingers curl gently around their daughter's. Of course there's going to be mutual delicate clinging.

It's just as amazing now as it had been the day Rilian was born.

"Welcome to our family."

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"We are."

His arm, still gentle and delicate around Susan's shoulders, pulls a little tighter now. She's seeming much sturdier now, after all; much more like herself.

"We've done well by Narnia, Susan. We walk at the side of the Lion."

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The best part of the blessed life they've lived, of course, is that it's extended beyond just themselves. It's enveloped their children. It's enveloped their entire nation.

It's so much more than he could ever have dreamed of, to have all this joy with such a wonderful partner as Susan.

"And now, so is the kingdom, mm? To still have its Queen and its perfect new little princess."

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"Should I go get the boys, then?"

The poor children had been reassured their parents and new sister were fine, yes, but they were both still of an age where actually seeing worked far better simply hearing.

Which didn't mean Susan didn't still need to rest more before adding all that energy to the room.

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His chuckle is soft as he ducks his head, pressing a kiss first to his wife's cheek and then to their new daughter's fingers.

"You'll have to promise poor Agnes you'll get proper rest after, you know."

Which doesn't at all mean he isn't tearing himself away from the women in his life to go get the young men.


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