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"I've just one question, before I accept this task."

"Will they still call me Gentle?"

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Name:Susan Pevensie [Slight AU]
Birthdate:Feb 22
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"she's interested in nothing now-a-days except nylons and lipstick and invitations"

-lady jill pole, the last battle

    At the end of their lives, the Seven Friends of Narnia thought Susan Pevensie, formerly the Gentle, to no longer be of their ranks, to have turned her back on Narnia, to think their adventures all childish play-stories. The Seven Friends of Narnia were wrong.

    It is true that no one doubted as much or as often as Susan. It is true she seemed quite silly and conceited at times. It is true she did not enter Aslan's country with the Seven.

    What is also true, and what few know, is that the falseness was exactly that, and that her fall from grace was more of a fall to it.

    The night before her last day in Narnia, Aslan took aside the Gentle Queen Susan and asked of her the most difficult task he had ever asked of any of her siblings: That she, for the sake of Narnia and, more importantly, the land from whence she had come, would pretend that she had forgotten the lands she'd once ruled. In order to later be in a position to help those of England and Earth, she must seem as though she was no longer of the Radiant Southern Sun. It was a task that she, and she alone, was charged with taking on.

    She agreed.

    In the years since her final return from Narnia, Susan has appeared to become everything she once wasn't. It is a hollow, bitter existence. It also one she continues to bear, for the betterment of the Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve. It is also one she has had to bear alone.

    Susan lives in a world of masks and lies, but it is one that she, once able to turn foreign ambassadors about through wits and words, has come to accept.

    But for how long?

[OOC: SLIGHTLY AU VERSION OF SUSAN BASED ON THIS FIC, WRITTEN BY ME. Roleplaying journal for the character of Susan Pevensie from C.S Lewis'The Chronicles of Narnia. I play both book and movie!verse, so please specify which. Default timeline is during Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but I can play from any time. I own nothing and am in no way affiliated with Anna Poppelwell. Mun and PB over 18, muse also for the most part. I do not RP smut.]
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